Hi there!

I am the inventor and CEO of "The Sippy Pup". Thank you for taking a look at our page!

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I first came up with the idea for the non-spill water bowl in 2004 when I took a roadtrip with my yellow Labrador, Miss Becki and my Tri-Colored Basenji, Sir Winston. I went to several pet stores and looked on-line to purchase a Non-Spill Water Bowl for our upcoming trip but much to my surprise I couldn’t find one anywhere, therefore I had to make several stops to give Becki and Winston water along the way then pour out what they did not drink. This caused them to drink a lot more water at one time instead of being able to sip and drink slowly along the way. This also caused our travel time to increase and our play time to be cut short. Over the years I continued to look and look for a non-spill bowl with no luck. The frustration I felt from endless searches gave me the motivation I needed to create the bowl myself.

One day I went to Toys R Us and purchased some clay, later that day with Becki and Winston laying behind me and watching me from the couch I made a bowl with a curved lid. The next day when the clay had dried I place water in the bowl and took it for a drive around my neighborhood. I quickly realized that my idea was simple and the bowl worked and did NOT spill any water. I then contacted a patent attorney and that is where it all began. What started out as a non-spill water bowl, turned into so much more! During research and development, I realized the bowl could also be used to slow down aggressive eaters like Becki. This meant our bowl could help dogs from choking, gagging and even ending up in the ER vet due to bloat.

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After years of hard work the day was finally here, I had invented, developed, tested, patented, and trademarked what is known today as “The Sippy Pup Non-Spill Water and Food Bowl for Pets”!

The Sippy Pup is made of durable BPA-free polypropylene and proudly made in the U.S.A. It has a removable lid for easy cleaning and is available in four different colors. It is perfect for Home and Travel in any form (RV, SUV, Boat, etc.) and has a lifetime warranty!

Yours truly,

Julie Henley, Miss Becki and Sir Winston.

Forever in our Hearts and Soul and never forgotten. Until we meet again.

Miss Becki 2001 - 2013 Sir Winston 2004 - 2018